Liopleurodon in Lokschuppen Rosenheim / Germany

Liopleurodon in the Show!

Exactly ten years after the success of the dinos from Argentina, another show takes on gigantic forms. With the exhibition “Marine Dinosaurs – Giants of the Seas” the locomotive shed has big plans again from 26 September.

Rosenheim – Certainly many Dino fans are already looking forward to this: It is still a month and four days before the big show with the “Giants of the Seas” can be seen. Until then, however, there is still much to be done. Because the exhibition organizers work on two construction sites at the same time: While the locomotive shed extension is on the home straight, the dino underwater world takes shape.

Stars arrived on the highway

The stars of the dinosaur show arrived on Wednesday: 22 models of marine dinosaurs, all factory-new, designed and lifelike in their original size according to the latest scientific findings and with the latest techniques.

If the dinos from Argentina were brought by boat to Rosenheim in 2009, the stars of 2019 had a shorter journey. They came to Bavaria with semi-trailers via the Brenner motorway – the larger ones in the form of individual parts, which are only assembled in the engine shed.
The seven-metre-long Liopleurodon from the genus Pliosaur is already ready. The assembly of the head, torso, fins and tail was an Italian affair, as was the production: all models were produced in the special workshop “Prehistoric Minds” in Veneto.

An Italian affair

There, the Rosenheim locomotive shed had the models developed and produced exclusively by an international team of scientists, paleontologists, artisans and artists in Upper Italy.
“The most important thing was the beginning,” says dr. Bernd Herkner, curator of the exhibition: “Attitude, skin, eyes, size ratios – everything has to be exactly right.” Further challenges for the paleontologist Dr. Simone Maganuco and illustrator Davide Bonadonna: The models had to be disassembled and should not be too heavy.

Model of the Liopleurodon, photo by Oliver Römhild / BR

The twelve-metre-long Tylosaurus weighs around 250 kilos and is therefore a heavyweight – but much lighter than the original, the weight of which scientists estimate at up to 8000 kilos. Like all other exhibits, the greedy water giant with its enormous teeth will soon hang from the engine shed. Most preparations consist of styrofoam, synthetic resin and clay.

280,000 visitors expected

Around the floating dinos, locomotive shed boss Dr. Peter Miesbeck promises visitors an interactive habitat presentation with original exhibits, which is “unique in the whole of Europe”.

The director of the exhibition centre is convinced that the “Giants of the Seas” will trigger a dino fever in Rosenheim, as it did ten years ago. That’s why 280,000 visitors are the target – as in the record show of 2009. The show will be on view for more than a year – from 26 September 2019 to 13 December 2020.

Then the big stars like Liopleurodon, Tylosaurus, Spinosaurus or Archelon, the big sea turtle, are disassembled into their individual parts. In 2021, the Giants will be seen elsewhere. “Requests are already available from all over Europe,” says Miesbeck.

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