Liopleurodon in Ark Evolved

The liopleurodon is one of the most fascinating creatures in the game Ark Evolved, it has gained a lot of popularity recently because of its unique behavior and tactics inside of the game. This creature was inspired by the liopleurodon that lived in the late Jurassic period. It was a huge sea monster that roomed the seas of Europe dominating almost every setting it sets on. This marine reptile belonged to the pliosaur group.

Liopleurodon in Ark Evolved – Facts:

Liopleurodon name is Greek for smooth sided teeth. They were featured in BBC’s documentary: walking with dinosaurs and according to the archeologists, this sea monster was up to 80 feet in length. Though some people suggest that liopleurodons were only 25 feet in length, it still was a massive creature in the shallow waters it used to inhabit. One of the best features of the liopleurodons is their serrated long teeth. These teeth would allow them to snap and rip apart any fish that swam across.

The best feature of the Liopleurodons is not their teeth, it’s actually their sense of smell. Megalodons were infamous for their sense of smell since they can locate prey just by sensing the water waves, but Liopleurodons far exceeded that making them highly territorial over the sea they inhabit.

In Ark Evolved, Liopleurodons are not fast or powerful. Instead, they are a magical creature that grants the player that tames them the ability to dive deeper into the water. The skin of Liopleurodons in ark is oily and it will make the rider hold and use oxygen very efficiently for extreme diving missions. As soon as you will make contact with Liopleurodons in Ark, you will get this pop up saying that the magic will dramatically decrease oxygen consumption.

Liopleurodons will usually lead you to resources such as oils, pearls and other creatures.

Liopleurodon in Ark Evolved – Behavior:

The liopleurodon ark taming will reveal how it behaves since it sparkles as most mythical and magical creatures in the game. The behavior of Liopleurodons in ark is quite consistent and it is only a temporary tame.

You do not need a saddle and after 30 minutes, the liopleurodon will kick you off and twist into a tornado. This is why you need to ride this magical creature as much as possible to use its ability of giving you what it feels like an extra oxygen tank. You will also notice that as soon as you touch the liopleurodon after taming it, you will gain the ability of mystic skin oil.

The liopleurodon will disappear with no trace after it twists into a tornado and it will do the same thing when it is attacked. The behavior of the liopleurodon in ark is fairly friendly since it does not attack and it is even disappears when attacked.

How to tame a Liopleurodon in Ark Evolved:

Liopleurodon ark taming is fairly simple, all you need is to feed it a lot of giant honey while making sure it does not spoil. You can actually increase the spoil time if you store the honey in a megaladon. After you feed the liopleurodon the honey, you will have tamed it and you will be able to gain access to ride it for some extreme diving.

When you tame the liopleurodon for diving, make sure you equip yourself with some stronger creatures such as megalodons because the liopleurodons will not be able to defend themselves.

How to tame a Liopleurodon with console commands, Video by Stonely

You can tame the liopleurodon for yourself very easily in the ark evolved with some giant honey, but you can also grab yourself a real liopleurodon item. You can head over to and grab yourself anything from pillows, bags, phone cases and even hats that feature this magnificent creature.

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