Liopleurodon fossils and archeology

If you are interested in ancient marine reptiles like the Liopleurodon you probably want a real part of these ancient creatures – a Liopleurodon fossil for sale.

But where would we search for these relicts?

Liopleurodon Fossils on Fossilera

Fossileira offers a rich Variety of Dinosaur fossils, Reptile fossils and other petrified ammonites etc. The following Backbone of a Liopleurodon is already sold out, bus should serve as an Illustration of what you could expect.

5.3″ Pliosaur (Liopleurodon) Vertebrae – England, SOLD OUT, for Illustration only
Price for similar fossils approx. 175$

Pliosaur fossils and Liopleurodon teeth on offer a wide range of petrified ammonites, Shark remains but also Liopleurodon teeth. The following example is also already sold out but there are similar items on sale.

Very large teeth are highly sought after amongst collectors and this is a superb example of a Pliosaur (The T-Rex of the Jurassic seas). Length of tooth 60mm. Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK

Liopleurodon replica teeth at is specialized in making skillfully handpainted replicas of Tyrannosaurus Rex claws, Megalodon tooth and also Liopleurodon teeth.

22 cm Long Liopleurodon tooth replica from UK for 39.99 GBP

Fossils and Fossil replicas on Amazon

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