Liopleurodon compared to Mosasaurus, Blue Whale, and Megalodon: Which one can Dominate others?

After watching the so many highly fiction superhero movies today, we are habituated to Imagine big giants who can rule and destroy others! In which they present the prominent forms of small animals. They can gain more of our attention than the normal ones that are common among us and currently living on earth! Are you interested in visualizing the Battle between Liopleurodon compared to Mosasaurus? Well, keep reading this article to uncover more!

We all know that there are many mysteries in our Geographical history than what we can ever expect about it! We all might be knowing about the existence of dinosaurs in our earth. Hence, the movie “Jurassic Park” is still highly appreciated even now after years of its release!

However, there are still many other big creatures that only a few of us knew about them. Hence, in this post, we will not only be going to get a brief idea about them but also compare them to each other.

Our interest is to know who can be powerful and win if they were battled with each other! Sounds interesting, right? Yes, so it is the same thing that we have discussed above.

Therefore, in this context, we will know about Liopleurodon as the primary creature. Also, we will be comparing it with that of Mosasaurus, Megalodon, and something that we already studied about, i.e., Blue Whale. So, let us get started!

Who was Liopleurodon?

Introducing our First contender, i.e., Liopleurodon;

Back to 1999, in an episode of BBC TV series, namely ‘Walking with Dinosaurs,’ people have seen and came to know about an ancient giant Liopleurodon! They belong to the family of Pliosauroidea or Pliosaurs. However, the name is derived from Greek phrases that mean a smooth rib/side tooth. They were in existence between the middle Jurassic to late Jurassic period.

Liopleurodon had thrust itself under the water to catch the prey when needed. By detailed analysis of their fossils, it has been uncovered that these marine reptiles were able to smell better.

So this helped them to hunt and locate prey from a far distance. Liopleurodon did not have gills but possess lungs like humans. So, they need to come out of the surface at specific intervals to take the gulps of air.

There lies a truth, Before BBC it was seen for the first time “Charlie the Unicorn,” an animation video on YouTube. It had shown a new creature called Liopluerodon for the first time to the public. It was uploaded back in 2005 and was a big hit with millions of page views and further two more sequels to it.

It seems powerful enough? Well, let us get familiar ourselves with three other contenders of the arena!

A Small Intro to the Blue Whale

It has been seen that about 2000 blue whales have been migrated to Costa Rica and Mexico from California’s cost. They are marine mammals from the class of whalebone whales or baleen whales. Almost all the oceans in the world ar having Blue whales. The name has been got from their skin color, i.e., blue-gray with some light gray textures.

Megalodon: A Quick Outlook

An extinct species of great white sharks as one among the largest predators on earth is no other but Megalodon. As per a study of their remains, they were in existence about 20 million years ago. Further, after ruling on the oceans for about 13 million years, just before 3.6 million years from now, they have become extinct.

Who are Mosasaurus?

Right about 66 to 80 million years from now, there is a gigantic aquatic lizard or carnivore that dominates the sea. They are known as Mosasaurus. The name has been given after the Meuse River.

So, it is the river in which the first specimen of their fossil had been discovered in 1764. So, after translating it from Latin words, it is the Meuse river lizard. They look much like a living komodo dragon.

Liopleurodon compared to Mosasaurus Megalodon, and Blue Whale: Who can win the Battle?

The best way to estimate the powerful contender among all four in this context is to compare three factors. They are the length of the Body, Weight, and size of the Teeth.

We can list them as per the past researches that have been done about such creatures! All those factors can help us to guess the one who can have the capability to seem stronger in the Battle!

A Combat based on Body Size:

Liopleurodon: The size of Liopleurodon, i.e., around 25m or 82ft, was exaggerated in BBC Walking with Dinosaurs. They were of two species, ?L. pachydeirus who are there in existence in about 1869, another L. ferox those were present approximately on 1873.

So, as per the studies, it has been found that the largest one among then was L. ferox. They were grown up to only 6.4 meters or 21ft as an estimation of their length. It has also been stated that, on average, they are between 5 to 7 meters of 16 to 23 feet.

Blue Whale: We all have studied Blue Whales that are the largest species of animals who have lived on earth ever. As per certain records, the average size of a blue whale is around 23 to 27 meters or 70-90 feet. However, the largest ones can go beyond 30.5 meters or 100 feet in length.

Megalodon: One of the species of it is still in the list one of the largest fish who lived on earth. It is called O. megalodon! They were also the biggest shark in the world and are 15 to 18 meters in length.

Mosasaurus: At Manitoba, there is a specimen called “Bruce” of mosasaurus, and that is around 43 feet or 13 meters long. But the research says that the smallest one of them as less than 3.3 feet or 1 meter in length and the larger ones have grown up to 56 feet or 17 meters in length.

Bruce and Lucy Mosasaurs at at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, Manitoba,

So, in terms of Body Size, who could look highly giant to prey others? Blue Whale, remember it is the biggest animal on earth till now! So, here in a battle of Liopleurodon compared to Blue Whale, we got an idea about whose chances are more to win!

A Battle between the Body Weight:

Liopleurodon: It has been estimated after the study of fossils. The body mass of Liopleurodons, who are 16 to 23 feet or 4.8 to 4 meters of length, might be between 1 to 1.7 tons or 2,200 and 3,700 lb.

Blue Whale: It has been found that the heart of a Blue Whale can weights around like the same as a car. Also, the tongue is of the same weight as a well-grown up an elephant. So, overall, they are of more than 200 tons in body weight while the average is recorded as 100 to 150 tons or 200,000 to 300,000 pounds.

Megalodon: As per average estimates, the body mass of a well-grown female one ranged in between 30.2 to 65.5 short tons. In other words, it was 27.4 to 59.4 metric tons. However, that of the male Megalodon of similar age was 13.9 to 37.4 short tons or 12.6 to 33.9 metric tons.

Mosasaurus: An oversized specimen of mosasaurs had been used to study about their average weight. So, the results were shown that their body has beyond 6 tons in weight. Thus, a 50 feet long animal could weight about 15 to 20 tons.

Here again, Blue Whale precedes against others! So let us imagine two battles! On the bodyweight of Liopleurodon compared to Megalodon, and Liopleurodon compared to Mosasaurus. You can better visualize those scenarios based on the facts to get the winner!

A Comparison of Teeth:

Liopleurodon: Later in 1873, a French researcher has got small remains of about 7 cm that look that was further found to be 2¾ inch teeth of a Liopleurodon. The tooth remains been found in three different places over time, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Charly, and Caen, all three were in France.

Blue Whale: Instead of teeth, Blue Whales have a filter-feeder system that is also known as Baleen. So, the upper jaws of whales have baleen bristles (almost look like long sized thing teeth) well arranged in plates of around 270 to 395 in number. So, as per the species, a baleen plate was 1.6 to 11.5 feet or 0.5 to 3.5 meters in length.

Megalodon: The word means massive tooth. So we can imagine the size of Megalodon teeth. However, the complete study about Megalodon is based on a fossil of animal’s teeth that is 18 centimeters long. Their jaws that were span in between 2.7 to 3.4 meters wide were lined up with about 276 teeth.

Mosasaurus: Not all the species of mosasaurus had teeth, so they swallow their food as a whole due to the presence of double-hinged jaws. However, it had been found that few of them had spherical and blunt teeth. It is possible after the discovery of some fossils and studies.

Thus, in this area, let us find out the winner among Liopleurodon compared to mosasaurus. Here, the deciding factor is how long or powerful one’s teeth will be as compared to another! As a result of this Battle and going through the above facts, it looks like Liopleurodon has more chances of winning!

Now, a task for you is to imagine who could be a winner among Liopluerodon compared to a human? Here is a big chance for you to be a Superhuman!

So, that’s all for this arena, we can only imagine based on studied facts, but it does not prove who was more powerful among them. After all, the excellence of the brain or intelligence also matters the most!

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