Our Approach

We like to explore Facts About Liopleurodon and other ancient reptiles, not only for archeologists but also for Gamers and Lovers of These pliosaurs in modern media.

Our Story

The Website is intended to give People who are interested in ancient reptiles the relevant informations and to give them the possibility to Access related products easily.

Meet the Team

Currently there is only one Person maintaining the Website, so the following Pictures are only dummy Images from the WordPress theme. Small joke. 🙂

Meg Alodon

Founder & CEO

Most productive time
165 Mio. years ago.

Lio Pleuro

Vice President

Has similar bio and interests
like the CEO.

Charlie Unicorn


Main interest: Candy mountain.

Next Steps…

Do you collect dinosaur figures or want to Play the latest Game featuring Leo the Liopleurodon? Maybe you like a LEO backpack…