Liopleurodon in History

Learn amazing Facts About this ancient Reptile that was first discovered by a French scientist more than 100 years ago…

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Liopleurodon in the media

Were you ever fascinated by “Walking with Dinosaurs?” We collected the occurences of LIOPLEURODON in todays Videos and games…
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Liopleurodon Toys / Shop

Do you collect dinosaur figures or want to Play the latest Game featuring Leo the Liopleurodon? Maybe you like a LEO backpack…

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Dive into Liopleurodons ancient world

Prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs are Always fascinating. It was in 1999 when Liopleurodon as a n ancient marine Reptile came to pubic mind by the BBC Earth Video “Walking with dinosaurs”. This Website is intended to explore the origins of Liopleurodons by reviewing the current publications and media. We offer you the possibility to buy preselected items focused on Liopleurodons in our shop.

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